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AmpliTube 5 (ver 5.0.1)

AmpliTube® 5 Version 5.0.1 is available now. You can install it via your IK Product Manager.

AmpliTube 5 (ver 5.0.1) Release Notes

Changes from version 5.0.0

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  • Fixed Several Audio Routing Problems related to the Standalone version
  • Fixed an audio routing problem with inputs above the first and second interface channels
  • Fixed several GUI problems on lower resolution monitors
  • Fixed blurry artifacts on Rack FX
  • Fixed an issue on Windows installer which was requesting a reboot after installation
  • Fixed an issue that was corrupting pedal settings during Drag n Drop
  • Fixed an issue that caused a possible crash when no IR files were loaded into the Custom IR section
  • Fixed several inverted parameters on Pedals and Rack FX


  • Fixed Mono-Stereo Selector for Boston 100 Cabinet
  • Fixed an issue in the Dime Wah which was not saving the Pedal Value in Presets and Session
  • Fixed an issue that was corrupting the behavior of the EQ-81 Rack
  • Improved readability on EQ-81 rack values
  • Fixed an issue that was corrupting the behavior of the Fender Wah pedal
  • Fixed an issue that was corrupting the Rack Tape Cassette Behavior
  • Fixed an issue that was corrupting the Host Sync for: Step Filter, Step Slicer, Seek Wah and Seek Trem
  • Rack Reverbs parameters Fields now editable
  • Fixed Discrepancies in theVIR section when loading a Model Presets or Pasting a Model Setting
  • Fixed Discrepancies about Leslie parameters in Mixer Section and Cabinet’s small Mixer
  • Copy/Paste Cabinet Settings now includes Mic Room settings
  • Corrected several Model type tags under the gear selector


  • Improved Preset Browsing via UP / DOWN Arrows
  • Gear Visibility Mode is now stored as a global preference
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