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Arturia Unwraps Free Chorus JUN-6 Effect




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Introducing Chorus JUN-6

To get you into the holiday spirit, Arturia are offering a free gift for musicians, producers, and sound designers worldwide!

Chorus JUN-6 is modeled after the iconic analog stereo effect found in the Roland Juno series of analog polysynths from the ‘80s – your new favorite mix-widening, sound-enhancing tool.

Reborn in exquisite sonic detail, there’s no catch, no trial version, no-nonsense – just an awesome free effect for you to enjoy right now. You have until December 29th 2020 to get your gift and enjoy your new studio must-have. Chorus JUN-6 can be used inside any VST, AAX, or AU compatible recording software.

The Simple Free Chorus You’ve Always Wanted

A recreation of a rare and much-loved analog gem, bringing unique BBD imperfection and the easiest set of FX controls you’ve ever seen for effortlessly warm analog grain. The Juno chorus is unique in its popularity – rather than being a pedal, a rack-mounted unit, or a secret studio weapon, it was built into the classic ‘80s synths of the same name. But it was more than just a component. More than a handful of controls at the end of the chain.

Chorus JUN-6’s subtle stereo richness has to be heard to be believed – try it out for yourself below by turning the MIX knob.

Pricing and Availability

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Chorus JUN-6 is available now. You have until December 29th, 2020 to download and enjoy your new studio must-have, free of charge. After you got the free plugin you can download it using the Arturia Software Center.

Free Chorus JUN 6 Effect
Arturia Unwraps Free Chorus JUN-6 Effect 5

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