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Let There Be Light SoundSet for DIVA

Triple Spiral Audio launched their second Christmas Special: Let There Be Light SoundSet for DIVA

Triple Spiral Audio’s Christmas Special includes Winter Solstice for Omnisphere 2 by Triple Spiral Audio, Let There Be Light for DIVA by Subsonic Artz, and Bundle of Christmas Noises by Heartwood Soundware. Each of these sets sells for 10 Euro and 50% of all the proceeds are donated to charity. These soundsets and libraries are only available for 1 month between 21 December and 21 January and there is no VAT charged on these soundsets.

Let There Be Light

This year was so dark, so unreal & crazy, and so dystopic in so many ways that we had in mind to send light
and love to the world to finish it with a brighter touch.

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Let there be light was built to offer you the best DIVA set possible at the cheapest price ever. 10 Euros.
So, we did our best to cook you this tasty XMAS cake with sounds of toys, XMAS peaceful
ambiances (keys and soundscapes), and XMAS wonders. As this year was also very somber, some preset will
also help us to let some darker emotions express themselves then go… as some kind of Cathartes. Love and light to you all.

Let There Be Light Features

There are 128 patches in DIVA – LET THERE BE LIGHT: LTBL

1/ Know Territories: 64 Patches amoung the very best of all our presets from the previous sets (Dystopiartz,
Origin, Nexus 49, Norse Myths, Neo Future).

2/ New Territories: 64 new Patches ( 5 ARPS, 11 FX, 5 keys, 7 pulses, 34 soundscapes, 2 Synths)
You’ll need version 1.4.3 of DIVA to be sure to fully enjoy this soundbank.

Pricing and Availability

Let There Be Light is available now for a limited time.

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