Audio Ollie Introduces TASTE

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Saturday, 2 January 2021
  • Time to read: 1 min.

TASTE by Audio Ollie

TASTE is Audio Ollie’s new curated premium collection of virtual instruments from Audio Ollie’s catalog, available to you as an introduction to Audio Ollie.

Audio Ollie Introduces TASTE 4

TASTE is a curated collection of virtual instruments carefully selected from our catalogue, designed to be layered, processed, and effected to create entirely new and inspiring sounds in the form of “multis.” Including instruments from our renowned LA Modern Percussion, Nashville Scoring Strings, Scoring Synths, RCD Uke, and a large collection of never released content from our upcoming RCD Guitars modules, Taste serves both as an introduction to Audio Ollie’s premium product line, and as an expansion of content to our seasoned customers. As a special bonus, we’ve also included a preview version of the Postcard Piano from our good friends at Teletone Audio. Whether you’re a bedroom producer or an A-list composer, a sound designer or a songwriter, there’s something in this collection for you. Feast on your new sonic palette, and taste the difference!

Instruments included in Taste

Instruments included in Taste
Audio Ollie Introduces TASTE 5

Pricing and Availability

The best part: you can get TASTE for only $3, instead of $99. Get Taste for $3 with these simple steps. 

  • Join the newsletter and get a premium collection of virtual instruments for just $3
  • After signing up you will receive a discount code. Limited time offer. REQUIRES KONTAKT 5 FULL. 15GB HD space. Taste the difference.
Audio Ollie Introduces TASTE
Audio Ollie Introduces TASTE 6
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