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Thin Drones

Tom Wolfe has released two new preset packs for the Soundtoys Effect Rack.

Featuring 25 presets each, these new Soundtoys Effect Rack preset packs further extend Tom’s line of texturizing presets for Soundtoys effects plugins. Thin Drones is produced to add gorgeous textural ambiance to your synths while letting the original sounds shine through, and Warped Percussion is designed to take percussive sounds to the next level, with pitch-shifting delays and timbre bending atmospheres.

Soundtoys Effect Rack: ‘Thin Drones’ Presets (Tom Wolfe)

Featuring 25 presets for Soundtoys 5 Effect Rack, Thin Drones is designed to add a gorgeous textural ambiance to your synths. Simply dial in the mix knob, and hear your sounds transform. What’s more, the thin nature of these presets is perfect for allowing your sounds to breathe.

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These packs are also now included in the Soundtoys Collection, a bundle of all Tom’s Soundtoys preset packs with a total of 175 presets.

Pricing and Availability

The Thin Drones and Warped Percussion packs are now available for the introductory price of £2.99 each (regularly £3.99). This offer ends on 20th January 2021 at 23:59 GMT. To celebrate the new releases, the Soundtoys Collection is now available for a limited time for just £17.99 (regularly £20.99).

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