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Free Noise Removal VST Plugin For Field Recordings




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Noise Removal VST Plugin by Bertom Audio

Remove noise from your audio recordings with the incredible free plugin by Bertom. Lately, I’ve been getting questions about how to remove noise from field recordings and I wanted to show you how quick and easy it is. Thanks to Bertom Denoiser, I’ve been able to take out unwanted hiss and noise from my sound files. I hope this plugin is as useful for you as it has been for me! Thanks for watching!

Bertom Denoiser Features

  • simple user interface that doesn’t rely on “learning” a static noise profile.
  • Fully automatable.
  • Low CPU usage so it can be used on many tracks.
  • Works in the time domain with zero latency.
  • Doesn’t simply react to the raw input signal but tracks how the noise is evolving in each band.
  • No musical noise (no FFT) at the cost of larger frequency bands and thus shines better at moderate reduction : don’t overcook!
  • No crossovers and no phase shift when there is no reduction, in a similar way to a dynamic EQ.
  • Stereo link control.

Bertom Denoiser is available here.

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