Benjolin V2 | After Later Audio

  • By: Cinematic Laboratory
  • Date: Thursday, 14 January 2021
  • Time to read: 1 min.

The Benjolin has been around for a long time in many shapes, sizes, and forms. It’s described as a chaos machine, so don’t expect beautiful melodies and soundscapes at the first patch. However, it’s pretty amazing what you can do with it once you figure out the Rungler, a melodic noise engine. After Later Audio’s V2 has expanders you can use to further extend the Benjolin’s potential and turn it into a random beat making engine. It can even do ambient when you slow it down. So try to make it to the end of the video for all applications! I am always saving the best for last.

While waiting on the Benjolin’s arrival I also experimented with Maths and the Wogglebug from MakeNoise, with interesting results. There’s a card linked to the video and a card where Rob Hordijk – Benjolin’s designer – explains why he created the Rungler.

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