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Little Drummers | Basimilus Iteritas Alter + 0-Ctrl




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Basimilus Iteritas Alter + 0-Ctrl

Today I wanted to revisit the BIA, zero-controlled by the MakeNoise 0-Ctrl. It’s a great module for creating individual high quality percussion sounds. You can also turn it into an Arcade machine when you throw a lot of CV at it (especially with a 0-ctrl center), but that will make it extremely digital. Adding a LPG will do wonders, especially the old ones from Doepfer and MakeNoise because they have that magical vactrol sound. The trick is to mult the trigger to an AD(SR) envelope/LPG and sculpt the BIA with it. A VCFA will also work very well, even a low pass filter.

In the end I added another little drummer, the mighty DFAM. However, I did not use it as a percussion voice but as a Robert #Fripp (Velvet Underground, Bowie, David Sylvian) guitar. Wow, this brings back good memories. DFAM is a complex oscillator with a great filter and sequencer, with probably many millions of different sounds, blips, hits and voices hiding it it.

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