Audio Brand V-MODA Marrying Its Illustrious Past With Its Promising Future

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 6 January 2022
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V-MODA Introduces New Brand Identity

 V-MODA, the award-winning manufacturer of the world’s finest high-fidelity audio devices, announces its new brand identity alongside the debut of a new product. The rebrand includes a redesigned logo, a refreshed website, and a brand-new tagline to better align with V-MODA’s goal of delivering new and innovative audio products while empowering its customers to fully express themselves creatively.

V MODA corporate logo black RGB1

Entering its third year as a fully-fledged member of the Roland family of brands, V-MODA’s new visual identity reflects both its illustrious past and its promising future, incorporating familiar forms with sleek modern lines to demonstrate the brand’s growth and new developmental direction. The new brand logo takes inspiration from the classic heritage hexagon, a recurring form in V-MODA’s industrial design, while the clean, minimalist lines draw on the logos of its fellow brand family members, BOSS, and Roland.

V MODA corporate logo red RGB1

“Roland’s mission of bringing ‘waku waku’ or “thrill and excitement” to creative experiences inspired us to update our brand identity to better reflect V-MODA’s new direction, which includes entering a brand new market segment—active noise cancelling,” said Yoshitaka Shibata, V-MODA General Manager. “Our new logo and tagline embody both our commitment to our growing customer base while staying true to our mission to deliver the best headphones in the most stylish design.”

Red, V-MODA’s new brand accent color, symbolizes passion, courage, and dynamism, reflecting the brand’s dedication to innovation and boldly redefining their category.

V-MODA New Logo “Stylish Sound, Your Way.”

In addition to debuting a new logo, the brand has also introduced a new tagline: “Stylish Sound, Your Way.” It is an ode to the ever-expanding customization possibilities V-MODA offers its customers and a reinforcement of its brand pillars of dedication to sound, design, and fashion.

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