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A Sound X Library Inspired By Banana Cake

Tim Prebble the man behind HISSandaROAR launched a new Sound FX Library. The first full lockdown in NZ triggered panic buying. First was toilet paper – Second was yeast and flour. It seems people were going to bake their way out of the pandemic. But by week 4 of lockdown, Tim was starting to go stir crazy and the bananas were going off. A quick recipe search & those bananas became a cake, but it was his second cake attempt that motivated me to try using a baking tray and Tim caught himself ‘playing’ baking trays at the supermarket – the light aluminum has an interesting pitch, which changed as Tim slowly dented the trays. 

The banana cake led me to explore other related materials, including two grades of tin foil which when tensioned reminded Tim of synth snare drums, but with the gain cranked was also capable of a surprising range of crumpled crinkles, shrieks, and guttural scrapes. Next, Tim explored mylar, and slowly a library formed, of very quiet sounds – TINY DETAILS – amplified to become uniquely useful. Tim developed a Sound FX Library because of banana cake.

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Check out the MAKING OF Video to get a quick idea of the range of sounds.

It was frustrating but rewarding to rig a sheet of heavy duty tin foil across the room, with contact mics attached. Tiny sounds were captured 24bit 192kHz dual mono (MKH8050 close and MKH8020 wider) while full sheets were captured with a pair of MKH8020s. FOIL contains some great new sounds with huge potential for creative sound design. Check out the new sound library:

Pricing and Availability

SD046 FOIL is available now. For 33% discount please use Coupon Code “CRUNCH” at checkout – Expires January 31st, 2021.

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