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New GRAINS Firmware “Scheveningen” For AE Modular module




New GRAINS Firmware 22Scheveningen22 For AE Modular module

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“Scheveningen” for the AE Modular GRAINS

From the Netherlands, the origin of the Grains Eurorack module comes this new firmware which offers a really good sounding waveshaping oscillator. This has been developed by Kassen Oud, who usually develops his live sets using the live audio programming environment ChuCK.

This oscillator is based on West Coast Synthesis ideas and features two sine waves with the second being hard synced to the first via a ring modulator. Then there’s also a waveshaper. Everything is manually or CV controlled which makes for some really fat sounds.  It also tracks really well at 1v/oct.

GRAINS a Granular Oscillator Multi Purpose Module for AE Modular large
New GRAINS Firmware “Scheveningen” For AE Modular module 3

“Scheveningen” is an alternative Firmware for the AE Modular GRAINS a Granular Oscillator module by tangible waves and the GRAINS Eurorack module by Ginkosynthese.

You can download the firmware from the Github website here:

You can find out more about Kassen via his Facebook page:

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