Tutorial AE Modular – GRAINS Codes – Scheveningen

  • By: The 5th Volt
  • Date: Saturday, 23 January 2021
  • Time to read: 1 min.

GRAINS Codes – Scheveningen

This is an overview of a new firmware Scheveningen for the GRAINS module of the AE Modular system from tangible waves.

UPDATE I found out after the video went live, that I was using an old codebase and that Kassen had actually released a much-improved version, which I don’t know about! So when you go and download the firmware now, things will have improved somewhat. The code I had also didn’t have any description of what was going on, so I just guessed … and I guessed wrong! What I explain is gain/distortion is actually a ring-modulated second sine wave that is added to a “master” sine wave. Whatever you want to call it, the effect is that which I’ve described in the video, so maybe it’s not too bad, that I misrepresented it?

If you haven’t installed any firmware on your GRAINS module. please watch my video where I explain how this works:

New GRAINS Firmware 22Scheveningen22 For AE Modular module

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