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BIG CITY DREAM – Berlin Dreams for Elektron Digitakt




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Berlin Dreams for Elektron Digitakt

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the city unified and a scene for electronic music emerged in a brand new style.

Abandoned buildings were turned into temporary nightclubs and DJs became the stars. What is now Berlin’s primary reputation took a long time to grow and flourish. We create this pack as a celebration of techno music and to show that Berlin is forever the undisputed night clubbing capital of Europe.

Influenced by the techno roots of the Tresor Club with a twist of modern sound style, this pack will turn your Digitakt is a powerful techno beast!

Berlin Dreams Features

  • 128 punchy samples including deep kicks, dynamic snares, nocturnal chords base on mini Moog, and pulsing percussions.
  • 64 sound presets from low-end bass to surgical lead, turning your Elektron Digitakt in a new synth groovebox.
  • 16 Patterns covering techno, house, or even hip hop.
  • Bonus samples kit coming from legendary techno Roland TR series.

Yves Big City

Stuck between nostalgia for the past and temptation of the future, Big City has been raised by the techno soul rhythm of the ’90s. As a result appears a mix of Disco New Wave, inspired by the rise and fall of industrial society. Always looking for the perfect disco pop beat, he combines two different worlds…featuring new wave and groovy sounds. His roots are, for the soul sounds, Detroit City and Detroit artists, from Iggy Pop to the Godfather of Techno, for the cold side, New Order / Joy Division are his main inspirations, Prince influence completes the funky pop side, and many more as inspiration can come from anywhere…

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