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Tutorial Expert Sleepers ES8 + Native Instruments Reaktor




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Expert Sleepers ES8 + Native Instruments Reaktor

In my humble opinion, the personal computer (mac/pc) is the most powerful modular synth you can get. You’d need a wall of modules to get even close to that processing power. The ES-8 helps you utilize that power. It’s not cheap, but it can help you to start small – before you end up with that wall of modules.

ES-8 is a PC audio interface you can mount in a eurorack and share all kinds of analog and digital signals between the PC and the real world. It works well with a lot of ‘virtual modular’ applications like VCV-Rack, Softube & Reason. I picked Reaktor 6 because I own a license and barely used it except for exploring presets. There’s a lot to learn and discover here. So I kind of feel like Omri Cohen firing up VCV for the first time. I’ll definitely share some more videos about how to integrate Reaktor and the ES-8 (ES-9 is about the same, but includes speaker and headphone outputs).

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