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Fundamental V1.4

 sonicLAB released the Fundamental v1.4 update. This update introduces a new type of envelope opening up new sonic possibilities. It is free for registered users. See HAINBACH, Sinan Bökesoy & SonicLab launching Fundamental for more.

Fundamental v1.4

  • Fundamental v1.4 introduces a new envelope type which can produce a sharp attack and following an exponential decay applied on the oscillator being triggered.
  • You will see it as Aexp on the ENV list. The exponential decay time can be changed randomly as well. Enjoy!

If you have prepared custom preset banks and left them inside these directories, please backup them and then proceed with installing the new files.

sonicLAB advised to remove the following directory before installing the update

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On OSX it is, Users/Shared/sonicLAB/Fundamental

On Windows it is, Documents/sonicLAB/Fundamental 

Reminding that on Windows, you have to copy the uncompressed folder, as it is, to your VST3 plugin folder directory.

 No further iLOK operation is needed, your software is already registered. 

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