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Luftkraft for U-He Diva is Released




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Luftkraft for U-He Diva

Luftrum release of Luftkraft a soundset containing 82 Kraftwerk inspired synth patches for U-He Diva all handcrafted by Luftrum. This is the most meticulous and time-consuming release Luftrum has worked on for Diva.

By analyzing Kraftwerk tracks, Luftrum has replicated some of their iconic and notable sounds and made a handful of new ones that Kraftwerk never knew existed! The result is a carefully created selection of patches, from famed synth leads to resonant zap drums, classic basses, and sound effects to pads and electronic transients.  This is a soundset inspired by Kraftwerk. It is not created nor endorsed by Kraftwerk, it is not an official Kraftwerk product and Kraftwerk has not been involved in the creation of Luftkraft.

All the sounds you hear in the main demo below are 100% Diva including the drums and no samples are used or external effects of any kind – just several instances of Diva straight to the master output with a limiter on top.

These sounds fit equally well into modern and minimal productions, as they do into any Berlin old-school krautrock, techno or art-pop production. Luftkraft is full NKS compatible. It includes tagged NKS presets, NKS audio previews and comes sorted in a Luftkraft sub bank, separating them from other Diva presets.

Pricing and Availability

Luftkraft is available now.

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Luftkraft for U-He Diva is Released 3

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