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Ultra Pigments – Virus TI Dance Sounds

Ultra Pigments is a modern soundset based on the legendary Virus TI synthesizer made by German synth maker Access. This product requires a fully working copy of Pigments 2. This is not a sample set.

based on the virus ti synthesizer ultra pigments is a contemporary soundset for modern pop and dance genres

Ultra Pigments New 160 Sounds

  • 29 Bass sounds
  • 12 Drum / Percussion
  • 7 Effect sounds
  • 39 Pads and synth strings
  • 34 Sequences
  • 29 Synth and Lead sounds
  • 10 Vocal sounds

The core of the sounds is based on sampled recordings from the Access Virus TI hardware synthesizer. For Ultra Pigments we sampled a huge selection of its oscillators: from raw waveforms and intervals, to FM, clean wavetables, as well as drums and experimental wavetable sweeps. From these sounds we recreated the sound and feel of the Virus TI in Pigments.

With Ultra Pigments we took the sounds from the Virus and used the vast synthesis capabilities of Pigments to take the sound to places you couldn’t normally go with the original hardware, such as layering, the unison engine capable of chords and granular synthesis.

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Apart from the normal sounds, we also added a handful of percussive drum sounds from the Virus, as well as a handful of vocal recordings made by a speech synthesizer just for the fun of it.

Pricing and Availability

Ultra Pigments is available now – PRICE: €9.90 / 50% OFF (NORMAL PRICE €19.90) UNTIL 7th of February, 2021. Use coupon code ULTRAPIGMENTS to get the discount.

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