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Artifact Anomaly Generator

Coil is an analog warping effect, a sample decimator, phaser, and more. It is also free with the new album by Arovane “Wirkung” (also name your price) – out now on Puremagnetik Tapes

Coil was originally designed to be a glitch driven distortion effect – a probabilistic device that emulates degradation in digital and analog systems. Building on that concept, Puremagnetik has developed Coil as a simple, fun, useful toolbox for giving your audio some welcomed mistakes. It includes algorithms for augmenting your sounds with tape warp, bit and sample rate reduction, phase cancellation, filtering and more, all contained within six simple macro controls.

Wirkung by arovane
Puremagnetik's New Coil an Artifact Anomaly Generator 2
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