Aim Audio – Sacred Dub

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Friday, 29 January 2021
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Aim Audio – Sacred Dub

Aim Audio present Sacred Dub (Affiliate Link), a high energy dubbed out collection of warrior style royalty free vibes.

The night air is crisp, a breeze envelopes all that are gathered together in anticipation for a religious experience as a burst of energy ignites the sound system woofers and the hypnotic thunder of the kick drum pounds it’s high voltage strikes.

Fusing the boundaries of space and time – Sacred Dub (Affiliate Link) is an electric shock permeated by an undercurrent of thunderous subs, chest-pounding drums, mystical chanting, subatomic drones, majestic horns, tribal drums, the ones-and-twos of the scratching ninja illorn- melding his alchemical sonic cutz, all form a visceral hazey blissed-out deep 140bpm call to rave.

Sacred Dub (Affiliate Link) is rooted in the tradition of steppers and GOA. A fusion of live instrumentation, hard-edged beats, esoteric musical elements that bring people together on the dance floor so light up your incense, close your eyes and feel the throbbing bass and rhythm lull you into a higher state of consciousness.

In Detail expect to find in Sacred Dub (Affiliate Link) 1.19 Gb 24bit 44.1khz, 40 Drum Part Loops, 34 Drum Loops, 34 Percussion Loops, 29 Horn Loops, 27 Synth Loops, 17 Guitar Loops, 15 Electric Bass Loops, 6 Combi Loops, 4 Drum Rolls, 4 Fx Loops, 3 Top Loops, 2 Vocal Loops, 109 Scratch Loops, 126 Wet Scratch Loops, 32 Drum Hits, 28 Bass Hits, 28 Fx, 26 Percs, 17 Scratch Fx, 19 Synth hits,16 Horn Hits, 14 Guitar Hits,6 Vocals, 5 Organ Hits and a specially designed Dj Scratch Stem Tool.

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