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qvca – Wonkystuff’s Quad VCA for AE Modular




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qvca – Quad VCA for AE Modular

Wonkystuff kicked off the new year 2021 with a limited run of qvca, a Quad VCA in a single-width module. Wonkystuff plans to make these available as a larger run later on in the year, this first run being a ‘proof of concept’.

The VCAs are designed only for audio use (unlike the standard Tangible Waves 2VCA which can be applied to both audio and CV signals).

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As would be expected, each VCA has an audio input, an audio output and a CV input to control the level of the audio output. In addition to this, there is also an inverted CV output to allow cross fading or ducking of signals. A simple use of this would be to pan signals, using an LFO or envelope to control the level of VCAs panned left and right.

Pricing and Availability

qvca can be ordered, it might bw out of stock so check again.

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