A Force Truly Evil – From Goa To Psytrance

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 2 February 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

After the successful packs “A Force Truly Evil Vol.1” and “Bass Pressure” A Force Truly Evil brings us now “From Goa To Psytrance”, an impressive collection of Psychedelic Trance sounds with superb patches and astonishing drums to get the best sounds you know and trust to create Psytrance tracks. This pack is perfect for all sub-genres of Psytrance whether your style is Full On, Classic Goa, Nu Skool Goa, Dark Psy, Progressive Psytrance, Psy Ambient, and anything in between.  

An exhaustive selection of 64 patches including hypnotic basslines, evolving synths, infectious FM type distorted leads, mindblowing acid lines with dozens of 303 patches that pounding your brain, and much more… A truly refined Psytrance samples covering snappy synthesized kicks, hard-hitting snares, and percussion, and some of the best psychedelic FX/one-shots for technical drum beats.

28 high-quality sessions with the most used production techniques in Psytrance. Some arrangements are included to make the most of the sessions, with intros, drops, breaks, and variations of main parts.

Parameters assigned with the easiest controls for in-depth customization, and get as many sound variations as possible.

A Force Truly Evil

A Force Truly Evil is the pseudonym of Antonio Valladolid González, musician, bassist, and synthesizer enthusiast. His interest in electronic music began in the late 1990s with all those wonderful bands and albums that were emerging from nowhere. At that same time, he discovered the rave scene, attending many of them with his friends, and developing a great interest in that kind of electronic sounds.

Pricing and Availability

From Goa To Psytrance is available now.

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