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Abandoned Courtyard Ambience! Leaking Water Pipe & Church Bells




Abandoned Courtyard Ambience Leaking Water Pipe Church Bells

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Abandoned Courtyard Ambience

First things first! Thank you to two new Bandcamp supporters Krishanu and Nicholas that joined today and of course to all others who support us along the way. It really means a lot and now its time for a new sound library from Malta.

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Abandoned Courtyard Ambience! Leaking Water Pipe & Church Bells 3

This is for all of you who are looking for brand new spooky water dripping sound effects.

Story About This Sound Library

Malta is one of the countries with the least amount of rain and with over 300 days of sunshine a true sunshine paradise. One night we had very light rain. I mean very lightly, but still enough to fill the drainage with rainwater.

The drainage and one of the water pipes lead from the 6th floor into the inner courtyard. We live in one of these impressive 400-year-old buildings on the fourth floor.
High ceilings, huge hall doors, and walking up and down the stairs creates that natural, haunting reverberation (footsteps sound library coming soon.) 🙂

Many of the apartments are abandoned or simply not rented. In our apartment complex are 12 apartments and unfortunately only 3 of them are rented.

The water pipe that leads into the courtyard is broken and after it stopped raining it quickly became clear to me that it would not take long and the dripping from the pipe will also stop.

I opened our huge kitchen window and started recording those creepy, dripping sound effects.
The inner courtyard was surrounded by four interconnected buildings. This is one of the reasons for this interesting reverberation.
In this sound library, you can find two church bell sound recordings that began to ring in the distance during the recordings. It’s track 06 and 07.

I hope you can use these unique sound recordings in any of your future projects.

Pricing and Availability

Abandoned Courtyard Ambience! Leaking Water Pipe & Church Bells is available now.

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