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Checking out Saga Acoustic Trailer Percussion!

Saga Acoustic Trailer Percussion is an amazing percussion library from Red Room Audio. Firstly, it can be absolutely HUGE and epic, but it’s also incredibly detailed… from big, epic taiko drums to the ridiculously massive “silo booms”, down to the detailed solo drums and metals, it all sounds fantastic.

Saga – Acoustic Trailer Percussion (Affiliate Link) is an extensive collection of thunderous drums, dynamic metals and other real-world acoustic percussion instruments focused on providing impact and scale to cinematic and trailer music.

It’s got traditional orchestral instruments such as snares and cymbals, as well as world percussion ensembles, soloists, and the variety of metals and unique scrapes and hits, there’s a lot on offer here. Finally, it’s super easy to use and just sounds good. There are a variety of performed crescendos, but there are also dynamic rolls for many of the instruments, meaning you hold down one key to play the roll, and control the dynamics/velocity entirely with CC01. This way, you can determine the exact length and intensity of your crescendo. Check out the video to hear it all in action!

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Saga – Acoustic Trailer Percussion (Affiliate Link)  features a broad range of deeply sampled instruments and articulations recorded on a scoring stage, including orchestral and world drum ensembles, world drum soloists, cymbals and gongs, oil drums, anvils, and a plethora of large metal slams and crashes. Also included are field recordings of giant silos, metal doors, machinery, tools, and various small metals. There are over 110 instruments in total and the easy-to-use Kontakt GUI offers plenty of performance and sound-shaping options that allow you to customize Saga to suit your compositions. Now updated to version 1.1!

Pricing and Availability

Originally $149, Saga – Acoustic Trailer Percussion (Affiliate Link)  is now available for just $49 for a limited time only! This is an amazing offer you should not miss!

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