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ProjectSAM’s Pandora Price Drop & Pandora 1.1 Update Available




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Pandora 1.1 Update Available

Symphobia 4: Pandora, the fourth installment in ProjectSAM Cinematic Sampling’s long-running Symphobia Series. Pandora impresses with powerful orchestral sounds, is intended for SciFi film scores, but will certainly find its way into productions of various genres.

Pandora lets you summon rousing cinematic risers, foreboding falls, and earth-shattering crescendos with unmatched ease and flexibility. Pandora’s innovative Adaptive Sync quickly and effortlessly matches its huge library of articulations and effects with your sequence – so your next deadline needn’t be a nightmare. Plus, fully-customizable sound design tools help you quickly sculpt your desired timbres.

ProjectSAMs Pandora UI
ProjectSAM’s Pandora Price Drop & Pandora 1.1 Update Available 5

Pandora Price Drop

Symphobia 4: Pandora and Pandora Core both have a new price point:

  • Pandora from €399 / $479 (max loyalty discount applied)
  • Pandora Core €199 / $239 (same price for all users)

Pandora 1.1 Update

Pandora and Pandora Core have just been updated to version 1.1. You update your existing library by using the Native Access application.

This is what’s new for both libraries:

  • IMPROVED: Streamer animation more accurate when multiple notes are pressed.
  • IMPROVED: Risers can now also be synced using sample offset to avoid too much time-stretching. The default sync method is now set to Automatic.
  • IMPROVED: Sound Design mode now stores its own attack and release values.
  • IMPROVED: Default Pulse release times shortened for better connection from one pulse to the next.
  • FIXED: Attack & release did not work in Sound Design Mode for some instruments.
  • FIXED: Q button didn’t always show the correct saved state after loading a Pulse instrument.
  • FIXED: Pulse RT notes sometimes were too loud compared to the pulse loop or did not trigger at all.
  • FIXED: Various small scripting bugs.
Pandora Risers
ProjectSAM’s Pandora Price Drop & Pandora 1.1 Update Available 6

You can download and install the 1.1 update through the Native Access application.

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ProjectSAM’s Pandora Price Drop & Pandora 1.1 Update Available 7

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