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Flaws by Jogging House




Flaws by Jogging House

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Flaws by Jogging House

It’s a new Seil release day and Boris from Seil Records is incredibly happy to share my (Jogging House) new album ‘Flaws’ with you. It is out now digitally and in a lovely double-cassette edition. With downloads being free (name your price) for the first two weeks. 

Seil Records
Flaws by Jogging House 3

Produced & Mixed by Jogging House
Mastered by SALZ Mastering
Artwork by Boris Potschubay
Design by Aoki & Matsumoto

‘Flaws’ breaks with the classic album structure and consists of four long-form sonic hikes with around 24 minutes each – one track per side of a tape. They are meant to freeze time, let our minds wander, and help to refocus.

These compositions were recorded after the passing of our beloved pet bunny last September. They were a way of pouring my emotions into something honest, fragile, and vast.

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