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SpectralBalance – Automatic EQ / Adaptive Speech Equalizer

SpectralBalance is an intelligent automatic speech equalizer that helps you to quickly fix spectral imbalances in all sorts of dialogue recordings. While listening to the recording, the plugin automatically estimates the optimal EQ curve to achieve clear neutral-sounding speech. Internally a series of artificial neural networks are being used to intelligently adapt to the unique characteristics of each dialogue takes.

SpectralBalance Feature

  • Static Mode
  • Dynamic Mode
  • Automatic Make-Up
  • Spectral Focus
  • In/Out Spectrum Visualization
  • Difference Listening
  • EQ Curve Customization
  • Expert Controls: Speed+Threshold


speed up your workflow

SpectralBalance can drastically reduce the time spent on repetitively listening to dialogue takes and finding the appropriate EQ settings. The automatic equalization is ready in seconds.


continuous automatic adaptation

Use dynamic mode to apply individually adjusted EQ corrections in every moment of your recording. The internal algorithms listens and if necessary adapts the processing over 50 times per second. The adaption amount and speed can be precisely controlled by custom parameterization.

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complete control and certainty

Use static mode to be 100% certain about which spectral modifications are applied to your recording. You can either use a snapshot of the dynamic estimation or estimate a new static curve by letting the plugin listen for a few seconds. Furthermore, the Modify functionality lets you precisely customize the estimate if necessary.


highly optimized advanced signal processing

The core technology of SpectralBalance is a combination of different artificial neural networks which all are highly optimized to keep the required processing power to a minimum. You can easily run multiple instances in parallel on an average workstation.

Specifications and system requirements

  • Supported sample rates: 44.1kHz,48kHz,88.2khz,96kHz,192kHz
    Supported channel layout: Mono/Stereo
    Plugin formats: AAX, VST3, AU
  • Windows 7 (64-bit), 4 GB RAM, Dual-Core CPU 2GHz
    Max OS X 10.12, 4 GB RAM, Dual-Core CPU 2GHz

Pricing and Availability

SpectralBalance is available now with a time limited discount price.

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