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Ueberschall’s New LoFi Lounge – Cool Jazz Infusion




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LoFi Lounge – 5.6 GB, 10 Construction Kits, 795 Loops & Phrases

LoFi Lounge is your go-to source for mellow, jazz-infused, grooves. With an atmospheric vibe throughout, the 10 extensive construction kits include all you need to perform a sophisticated, downtempo, musical mood. Original tempos cross a laid-back 70 to 90 BPM and, with the kits including extended drum groves of 16 bars, and extended solo phrases featuring sax, flute, or trumpet, there is loads of musical variety ready to spark your next cool jazz trip.

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Cool Jazz Infusion. For music, film, TV, advert, radio or online productions.

Late-Night Grooves With A Downtempo Jazzy Mood

Comprising nearly 800 loops and samples in total, every of the construction collections offers three distinct music parts, plus intro and outro sections. Each kit also includes individual drum and percussion samples. Some selections even offer additional solo brass performances. This super-flexible format makes it easy to construct full song-length arrangements.

Flexible Construction Kit Format

The instrument sounds are absolutely crafted and recorded to fit the mellow style with acoustic, electric, and synth bass, electric and acoustic pianos, organs, guitars, synths, pads, saxophone, trumpet, and flute. Various vinyl noises and sound effects are also included, alongside some single-shot drum samples for additional flexibility. Drum sounds include electronic kicks, snares, rimshots, hi-hats, cymbals, and percussions such as claps and snaps. Alongside the pre-mixed drum loop, each construction kit also includes individual singletracks so you can craft the perfect drum mix for your project. Elastik 3’s powerful tempo manipulation and ReTune features make it easy to adjust individual loops to match your overall project.

Extended Drum And Solo Instrument Performances Included

LoFi Lounge is perfect for music producers or songwriters needing instant inspiration for that jazz-flavored ‘late-night, cool urban’ musical style and would make a great compliment to our LoFi Beats and Jazz Trip libraries. However, it would also be ideal for busy media composers looking for some inspiration for a downtempo mellow jazz-inspired project. If you are looking for a cool jazz trip, LoFi Lounge delivers in style.

Elastik Features

Ueberschall‘s Elastik-Player is the perfect plug-in for LoFi Lounge. It offers perfect and fast time-stretching, pitch-shifting and scale syncing. Functions like resample, formant, reverse and the multimode filter make further loop manipulation easy and efficient. The player‘s attribute-based browser makes it possible to locate specific sounds across all installed Elastik libraries within seconds.

Produced by J.Holo

Pricing and Availability

LoFi Lounge – Cool Jazz Infusion is available now.

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