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Library Spotlight – Tyrolean Harp




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A Rare Harp with an Alternative and Unique Wooden Sound

Tyrolean Harp is a relatively unheard instrument. The Tyrolean Harp produces a colorful range of emotions. From beautiful and soft to harsh and brutal. Like the mountainous surrounding, it is from.

Tyrolean Harp Features

  • 3 Different Styles: Pluck, Nail, Harmonic​
  • Mix In Between Three Microphone Positions:        Close – Width – Room
  • 3.384 Samples, 15.2 GB Uncompressed .wav
  • 9.2 GB Lossless Compressed ncw
  • Recorded In 96kHz, Available In 96kHz & 48 kHz
  • Compatible With Kontakt Player (Free Version)
  • Full NKS Integration

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