Intellijel launches Metropolix a Eurorack Musical Sequencer

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 16 February 2021
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Metropolix a Different and Convincing Multitrack Eurorack Musical Sequencer

Intellijel launches Metropolix a different and powerful multitrack Eurorack musical sequencer. At first blush, Metropolix appears to be a simple 8-stage sequencer — but there is far more functionality than first meets the eye.

The Intellijel Metropolix is a unique and powerful Eurorack format musical sequencer. With an abundance of hands-on, tactile controls and a wealth of modulation possibilities (both internal and external), you can quickly and easily create infectiously musical sequences that are never boring. Even the simplest riff can be brought to life with seemingly endless options to create variations or real-time manipulations. Equally, at home in the studio or a live improvised performance, the Metropolix is sure to grow a staple source of fresh ideas and killer riffs in your creative process.

The operation of the Metropolix is optimized for live performance and jamming, with quick access to all the most relevant performance parameters, and the ability to greatly affect your sequences with a single slider or switch.

Loopy — Performance Looping

Metropolix also features a Loopy mode, allowing you to instantly playback short sub-sequences, or even “play” the stage buttons directly (like a ‘keyboard’).

64 Total Recall Presets

Metropolix stores up to 64 preset configurations (in 8 banks of 8 presets), and all live settings are stored in EPROM, ensuring that your Metropolix will always power up exactly as you left it — even if you haven’t saved them to a preset. By default presets can change all the structural (menu-based) elements of your sequencer without overwriting the front panel controls, but full recall is also available.

Two Tracks, Interconnected

Two tracks (TRK 1 and TRK 2) are variants of a master pitch/gate sequencer, which is programmed via the PITCH sliders, PULSE COUNT and GATE TYPE switches. Each track interprets the master sequence in a variety of ways — creating complementary variations that enable you to generate counterpoint, polyrhythms, and all manner of sonic movement (both subtle and extreme).

Each of these tracks has its own playback ORDER, sequence LENgth, clock DIVision, SWING amount, SLIDE time, and track GATE lengths. Other track-based sequence variables are accessible from the TRACK MENU, and include Pitch Slider inversion; sequence note range; track transposition; and more. In addition, both tracks have multiple lanes of per-stage playback parameters, including: GATE override; PITCH override; RATCHet count; PROBability of playback; ACCUMulating transposition, and a dedicated CV lane. Each stage also has a SKIP feature, and a pitch SLIDE option.

Three AUX Inputs and Two CTRL Knobs

A trio of AUX inputs allows for external modulation of user-assignable sequencer parameters for even greater variation, while two assignable CTRL knobs give you direct access to the parameters you want to adjust most frequently during a performance. With dedicated Pitch/Gate outputs for both Track 1 and Track 2; two totally user-assignable outputs (A and B); and internal MOD routing, Metropolix features a wealth of patching opportunities.

Eight Modulation Lanes

8 separate and individual MODulation lanes are accessed via the MOD button. Each MOD lane has 8-stages of modulation values and its own playback ORDER, LENgth, and clock DIVision; and each lane is routable to one of Metropolix’ two assignable outputs or to dozens of internal destinations, allowing for some sophisticated and powerful self-modulation.

Intellijel launches Metropolix a Eurorack Musical Sequencer 3

Gx — Gate Expander

Use the optional Gx module to add individual outputs for 8 additional, configurable gate outputs. The Gx (Gate Expander) adds 8 additional Gate/Trigger/Clock/Logic outputs to compatible modules like the Metropolix.

On Metropolix you can configure the Gx via the “MX” menu. Functions such as transport control, per stage gates and mod lane clock outputs are example options.

Gx — Gate Expander forMetropolix
Intellijel launches Metropolix a Eurorack Musical Sequencer 4

It connects via ribbon cable to the I2C expansion port of select modules in the intellijel product line.

Pricing and Availability

Metropolix is available soon.

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