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Evenant Epic Winter Flash Sale

Evenant celebrates the winter officially arriving (not just in Norway and Sweden, but the Evenant team is reporting snow even in The Netherlands)!

A lot of people from warmer countries wonder what they do during winter when it becomes as cold as -10 or -20 Celcius. What better activity than to prepare yourself for the rest of the year and invest in developing your own skills further?

Evenant is here to help with that, by giving you an awesome flash sale on all Evenant individual courses, giving you a whole 30% off. Just use the code FROSTYEVENANT30 (Affiliate Link) during checkout to apply your discount.

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No matter what your goals are for this year, whether it is simply getting started on learning to compose, learning how to create your own sound design, making music for Hollywood trailers, or crafting beautiful orchestrations – we’ve got you covered.

Pricing and Availability

Just head over to the courses page (Affiliate Link), pick your course, apply the coupon FROSTYEVENANT30 (Affiliate Link), and get started straight away!

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