• By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Friday, 19 February 2021
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Marcio Doctor shows you cunning ways of using LOOP POOL PERCUSSION as a composition aid. #1 – using an arpeggiator and the ADSR controls to find new rhymes and textures

Always synced to the BPM of you DAW, you can intuitively trigger, time slip and morph samples with mod wheel and keyboard to create beautiful and bonkers percussive adventures. LOOP POOL PERCUSSION is an unexpected and refreshing alternative to epic drum imperialism and could be your new groovy secret weapon.

Marcios instruments

Bombo, crash cymbals stacks, cup chimes stack, floor toms, small, medium and large frame drums, flight case kick, Riq, seed pods, tiny and large tambourines, Tan Tan, trash splash stack, woodblock, bike seat, metal Reco-Reco, bamboo brushes, tiny bells, various Caxixis and shakers, cymbal brush, marbles, bamboo Reco-reco, soft shaker, steel container, tin resonator, triangles, Congas, high and low wooden drums, wooden stool, ceramic tile, small and medium gongs, Kanjira, pie dish, bells, cowbells, custom-made metal slit drum, aluminium tube, singing bowl.

Marcios instruments Sound Dusts New LOOP POOL PERCUSSION

All these grooves and effects were played either with different drumsticks, soft, medium and hard mallets, brushes, chopsticks, metal beaters or using different finger and hand playing techniques.

Pricing and Availability

LOOP POOL PERCUSSION is available now. The world is still a crazy messed up place, so until the end of February 2021 you can get LOOP POOL PERCUSSION with 40%* off.

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