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Musical Sound design-y Worlds

Marcio Doctor shows you interesting ways of using LOOP POOL PERCUSSION as a sound design tool.

LOOP POOL PERCUSSION is the next step in the LOOP POOL journey. 3 different Kontakt instruments (with 60 variations) packed with over 1000 eccentric percussion grooves played by Marcio on a massive range of his ‘instruments’. Plus 100 DAW ready curated loops made by Pendle (Sound Dust) and Marcio.


Always synced to the BPM of you DAW, you can intuitively trigger, time slip and morph samples with mod wheel and keyboard to create beautiful and bonkers percussive adventures. LOOP POOL PERCUSSION is an unexpected and refreshing alternative to epic drum imperialism and could be your new groovy secret weapon.

Pricing and Availability

LOOP POOL PERCUSSION is available now. The world is still a crazy messed up place, so until the end of February 2021 you can get LOOP POOL PERCUSSION with 40%* off.

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