NADA 1.1 – New Instruments, New Soundscapes, 1.4 GB New Sample Content

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Friday, 19 February 2021
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NADA 1.1 Free Update for Existing Users

NADA, the award-winning and highly acclaimed Meditation & New Age Sounds Library by Eduardo Tarilonte recently turned 1 year old and Best Service & Eduardo Tarilonte would like to thank you for all the great support and feedback with an extensive, free update for all owners. See also our Review of NADA, Meditation & New Age Sounds by Eduardo Tarilonte & Best Service

Nada is the Sanskrit word for “sound” or “tone.” Many yogis believe that nada is the hidden energy that connects the outer and inner cosmos. Nada yoga, or nada philosophy, is based on the premise that the entire universe consists of sound vibrations called nadas. The words, nada yoga, can be translated to mean “union through sound.” This ancient Indian system follows a science of inner transformation through sound and tone.

NADA comes with an exceptional, stylish and excellent vibrating sound and many exceptional instruments that all play on a similar vibe. Composers can easily produce with NADA a melodious track. The instruments are recorded dry. You can effortlessly add external reverb and delay where needed.

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NADA now ships with more than 500 sounds made from over 10,000 samples that are perfect for meditation and new age music, but also fit into other genres seamlessly well. In NADA you will find inspiring instruments such as Strings, Winds, Percussions, Pianos, Eternal Sounding Bowls, Glasses and Bells. NADA also offers mesmerizing overtone Singing Voices and an alluring and charming Female Solo Voice as well as deep, peaceful, and warm Meditations Pads.

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NADA 1.1 - New Instruments, New Soundscapes, 1.4 GB New Sample Content 4

Enjoy the two newly added instruments Theremin & Steel Tongue Drum, and discover a total of 66 amazing new Soundscapes created by sampling master Eduardo Tarilonte.

The update to version 1.1 not only includes 1.4+ GB of additional sample content, it also adds a tuning switch that lets you switch from 440 Hz to 432 Hz. You can fetch the update as a full download in your Best Service account or via our Update Installer.

All instruments have been sampled keeping simplicity and usability in mind. At the same time the raw and authentic beauty of the instruments, recorded with true legato, endless loop and control capabilities from samplers, make for an inspiring source of sounds. NADA is fully compatible with other libraries by Eduardo Tarilonte since it has been recorded by Jorge Calderón Muriel in the Eldana Studio in Spain, using highest quality equipment.

“NADA is a spiritual voyage through the deepest sounds of my soul”EDUARDO TARILONTE

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