93% off Deluxe Vocal Bundle by W.A. Production the Ultimate Vocal Production Bundle

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 25 February 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

“Deluxe Vocal Bundle” The Ultimate Vocal Production Bundle Designed To Make Your Topline Shine!

Getting that commercially viable vocal sound can be impossible without the right tools, and it is this common challenge that inspired W.A. Production to create this incredible bundle with every tool you’ll ever need.

  • 93% off the normal price (normally €282)!
  • Vocal Cleaner – Easy to use clean up for all sorts of vocals
  • Orchid – Chorus on steroids with 4-way chorus processing
  • Vocal Compressor – Easy to use compression designed especially for vocals•Vocal Splitter – Create wide and modern vocals from a mono source
  • Mutant Delay – Host-synced delay with Built-in internal ducker
  • Mutant Reverb – Clean sounding algorithmic reverb with Built-in internal ducker•Imprint – Multiband Transient Shaper

The “Deluxe Vocal Bundle” by W.A. Production includes 10 reliable plugins for producing professional sounding vocals that can be the difference between a hit track and just another song lost in the mix.

With these tools you can:

  • Clean Up all sorts of vocals to a professional standard
  • Bring Your Vocals to Life with Chorus, Delay and Reverb & more!
  • Tame/Enhance vocal performances with Compression, Limiting and Transient Design
  • Help Your Vocals to sit in the mix with automated Gain Riding

Getting that commercially viable vocal sound can be impossible without the right tools, but once you get your copy of “Deluxe Vocal Bundle” you’ll have everything you need to make your topline shine!

Pricing and Availability

Normally €282 – get “Deluxe Vocal Bundle” (Affiliate Link) at 93% off before it’s gone!

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