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Shared Guests | Episode 05 | Loquelic Iteritas Percido




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Shared Guests | Episode 05

In this episode, Pressure Points is replaced by the tiny giant, the 20 HP Loquelic Iteritas Percido. Officially it’s not a ‘complex oscillator’ because it doesn’t meet any of the ‘Buchla 259 inspired’ designs like DPO, Furthrrrr Generator, Verbos CO, Cs-L, Brenso, etc.

It has one ‘final’ out. Let’s just say the LIP is a complicated oscillator. Easy to use, but capable of creating a million of sounds that are hard to recreate on an analog module because of the built-in envelope and tons of normalizations. But it’s not a competition, it’s the right tools for the right job. And the LIP is a very, very powerful designer tool. Time for some ancient Roman decadence!

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