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Method 1 – Unlock Beat Making Gold

Method 1 delivers diverse compelling tools for making chart-topping hip hop, trap, rap, OG, EDM, or any modern drum grooves. Made for the modern producer looking to find an edge.

For only $79 (normally $169), get Method 1 (Affiliate Link) – a powerful virtual drum machine by SoundYeti!

Method 1 (Affiliate Link) inspired Beat Making is here. Method 1 virtual drum machine by Sound Yeti delivers today’s most powerful tools for making chart topping hip hop, trap, rap, OG, EDM or any modern drum grooves. Made for the modern producer looking to find an edge.

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Method 1 Features

  • Built in Multi-Track Sequencer
  • MIDI drag and drop – from plugin directly to your DAW
  • 8 track step-sequencer with full accent control
  • Tempo sync to any DAW
  • 8 stereo channel voice output architecture with MIDI input
  • Copy & paste function for sequences and lanes
  • 12 pattern banks for each patch/snapshot
  • Record real time or step record
  • Midi learn
  • Individual drum accent and global accent per step
  • 4 individual step effects – tune, decay, reverb, delay.
  • 7 per channel effects – accent, flam, pan, tune, filter, resonance, drive, width, velo
  • 6 global effects – compression, tone, crush, mix, delay, reverb
Method 1 and the 3rd party The Percolator – V1.1 in Ableton 11

Method 1 (Affiliate Link) is TCB for creating legendary drum sounds and urban grooves. It’s made with built-in respect for those that came before; the Roland TR series, the E-Mu SP-1200, the Linn Drum, Akai S900 and all the founding fathers (and mothers) of modern sampling and drum machine concepts.

And If you’re tight with vintage drum machine tech, you’ll be immediately charmed by the easy to the groove user interface of Method 1. A shout out to the old school but with today’s most powerful tools for delivering chart-topping urban drum sounds and ear captivating beats.

Powered by the free Kontakt Player, Method 1 comes fully loaded with more than 10,000 samples, 225 preset kits, and 500 preset patterns.


It’s not a machine. It’s a musical instrument. Because it takes a producer’s touch to create the perfect vibe, swagger, and swing in a drum track. And that’s where Method 1 shines. The on-board Swing, Groove, Flam, Pitch, and Accent controls bring the perfect human touch to your flow. Make your beats groove like Chambers, Robinson, or Purdie. Better yet, make it sound like your own. For real, you’ve muscled into the Fort Knox of beat-making possibilities.


There’s no faster (or easier) way to create urban, hip hop, trap, rap, old school, new school or any kind of modern beats. Set the foundation with Method’s 32 step, 8 track sequencer that makes pattern creation almost effortless. Drag and drop MIDI loops from Method 1 into your DAW to create instant song arrangements on the fly. Or, use Method 1 in standalone mode for the fastest beat making experience on the go. With Method 1, you own the groove. And just because it looks like a million, you’ll be pleased to know it’s not a lot of commas!

Method 1 accelerates and inspires your drum grooves with literally millions of sounds, effects and control combinations. That’s some serious re-percussions for the modern producer looking to find an edge.

About Sound Yeti

Born out of personal frustration, professional disappointment and a certain amount of psychological instability, Sound Yeti story is not unlike many companies. As is often the case, the challenge of the day is to find a way to make your product great, without spending tons of money to make it. Sound Yeti were continually struggling with finding the right audio tools, technology and sounds to make their stuff awesome and at the same time, make it without going broke in the process.

Sound Yeti thought, and this is the crazy part, “how hard can it be?” That was it… the Sound Yeti expedition began. Sound Yeti quest: to build creativity-inspiring tools, technology and sounds that won’t break the bank.

Pricing and Availability

Method 1 (Affiliate Link) is now available for only $79 for the next few days, hurry and save!

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