Audio Brewers launches The Pianoforte Scoring Event

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 8 March 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

The Pianoforte Scoring Event

Pianoforte is Audio Brewers upcoming Grand Piano library, it is the first Grand Piano to be Sampled, Mixed, and Delivered in Ambisonics (a Stereo version is also included).

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Pianoforte is a beautiful sounding Fazioli F212, Audio Brewers chose this Piano as their first grand because of its amazing sensitivity and incredible sonic clarity. Audio Brewers went out of the ordinary to make this a unique product intended to cover all your needs, thanks to using not only conventional microphones but also several Ambisonics microphones that helped us create multiple realistic three-dimensional perspectives.

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Stick to Stereo

For composers who want to stick to stereo mixes, ‘Pianoforte’ contains multiple microphone positions (Musician perspective, Board, Frame and Ambisonics Mixdown), as well as several different mix alternatives (RAW Mix and Ready Mix), this way, you are ready to either play without spending time adjusting the sound of the piano, or work on you own mixes that will sit in your music!

Explore Ambisonics

Because ‘Pianoforte’ was also recorded using several Ambisonics microphones, we have worked to deliver multiple perspective mixes that will help you translate the sound of the piano in a three-dimensional fashion. Regardless of your delivery format being in Stereo, Surround, Atmos, Multi-speaker art installations, and even VR applications, ‘Pianoforte’ is ready!

A ‘Musician Perspective’ composed of raw sound from the piano bench, a ‘Board Perspective’ of raw enveloping sound from right inside the piano, an ‘Audience Mix Perspective’ will let you hear the piano as a listener from the audience and finally, a ‘Cinematic Mix Perspective’ will offer you a ready-to-go piano that will sit perfectly in your scores.


What would you like to share? We are leaving this up to you! We know as composers, there’s nothing better than not having any boundaries on our creations – however, since this is a Piano library, the only requirement is that your score contains a piano, be it in the foreground or in the background, it’s up to you!

How do I participate?

Because this is a social event, you can use any of our social networks to share your composition with us, be it publicly or privately, anything goes! To join this event take a look at this event microsite. ‘The Pianoforte Scoring Event’ ends on March 31st, 2021!

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