Electromagnetic Fields Recovered Lom Priezor vs Soma Ether

  • By: Marcel Gnauk
  • Date: Sunday, 14 March 2021
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Lom Priezor vs Soma Ether (Electromagnetic Fields)

Recording Electromagnetic Fields with Soma Ether and Lom Priezor. There are several aspects that are different about these electromagnetic recording devices. For example, the size, design, what’s included, and most importantly what types of sounds can be captured.

I’ll take you around and give you hands-on demonstrations of the Priezor and Ether V2. Then we’ll come back home and show you what you can do with a sound file in Cecilia 5!

I just released the brand new SOMA Ether Electromagnetic Sound Sample Library!
It’s a free release and I hope you can use these sounds and get an idea what kind of sounds the Ether V2 creates.
The library contains 53 files, recorded in 192kHz-32 bit and is around 5GB large. These sounds contain frequencies that are beyond 70kHz. Go crazy with it 🙂

I recorded sounds during car driving, on electro supply boxes, Mac Books, lights, toaster, ovens and much more.

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