The Bat Verb | Part 07 | Ruina Versio firmware

  • By: Cinematic Laboratory
  • Date: Thursday, 18 March 2021
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Ruina Versio Firmware

Noise Engineering already had five different distortions in the catalog. They’re the masters of grit, saturation and rectification. Having a distortion on the Versio platform was inevitable and now, Ruina Versio is here. It ‘s available as a dedicated module with its own faceplate (shipping end of March), but if you own Desmodus or Imitor, you can already download it and install it for free. It’s always fun to make a video with the Versio series, but playing with the Ruina is something else. If this doesn’t bring a smile on your face, nothing will. Masterpiece!

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