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Make Noise Easel

I got a lot of requests about how I racked my MakeNoise tabletop gear so I shot some actual ‘making of’ footage as I set up my own take on the MakeNoise ‘Music Easel’. This setup should at least have the 0-coast and 0-ctrl, but the recent Strega is also a worthy addition to create a 3-tier stand. I chose the MakeNoise CV Bus case to be able to add extra modules and create a custom ‘shared system’ for all kinds of sonic adventures.

I’ve picked the three core modules of the Tape & Microsound Music Machine, where Wogglebug and Maths are covered by 0-Coast & Strega, and X-OH is covered by the XPAN and the CV case output. If you want to hear the three tabletops on their own, please look elsewhere because ‘raw and mono’ is just not for me. Finally, racking the tabletops is not supported by Make Noise and may void your warranty. But MN also states the modules are yours so you can use them any way you, please. I always use them racked and never had any issues. They’re well-engineered and the CV Bus case can easily handle the load.

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