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“Pure Synth Platinum Bundle” by Gospel Musicians Sale

“Pure Synth Platinum Bundle” is a software-based ROMpler and synthesis library that has the bread-and-butter samples of a traditional hardware keyboard, combined with the synthesis techniques available in the most complex of digital and analogue synthesizers. Together with six incredible expansion packs for Chiptune, Funk, Pop, RnB, Soul and EDM you will simply have the best experience ever produced in a plugin!

“Pure Synth Platinum Bundle” brings together an incredible sounding, highly playable and above all inspirational Synth/ROMpler with six amazing expansion packs covering a wide range of music styles:

  • Pure Synth Platinum – $199.99
  • Suitcase Expansion – $49.99
  • BASSalicious 1 Expansion – $29.99
  • BASSalicous 2 Expansion – $49.99
  • 808 Expansion – $24.95
  • EDM Expansion – $24.99
  • 8-Bit Expansion – $19.99

Pure Synth Platinum Bundle (Affiliate Link) is a bundle for producing any style including EDM, Hip Hop, RnB, Urban, Underscore, Pop and more. This bundle contains every sound imaginable – pianos, pads, strings, vox, 808s, basses, electric pianos, leads, 8bit sounds and so much more.

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Pricing and Availability

Normally €329 – get Pure Synth Platinum Bundle (Affiliate Link) at 70% off before it’s gone!

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