Make Noise Strega Witchcraft

  • By: Cinematic Laboratory
  • Date: Tuesday, 30 March 2021
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Make Noise Strega | Episode 04 | Witchcraft

I was very happy with the case layout I introduced in Episode 03. Every new patch is a new adventure. I was planning on having fun with Phonogene and Strega (also works nicely as a feedback-loop-recorder) but this great patch emerged from fooling around and I just had to record it. A case/system should help you make the music you love most and for me, the love for cinematic scoring goes very deep.

Sure I can create all kinds of stuff on the PC with samples and synths, but this combo is raw, special, unique and totally awesome. I am afraid I need a new CV case because this combo is going to be permanent. Now I have to hunt for a second black Echophon. Fortunately, that’s much easier than getting a new CV case.

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