The Moog Experience

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 31 March 2021
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Artist Collaborations: Original Tracks & Visual Artwork

Ever since analog synthesizer pioneer Bob Moog collaborated with composer and educator Herb Deutsch to develop the first Moog modular synthesizer in 1964, artist collaboration has been at the heart of Moog Music’s story.

Moog’s creative team worked with various artists to develop original visuals, characters, learning tools, and tracks to bring the Moog Sound Studio environment to life.

image 49
The Moog Experience 3

New Compilation EP: Explorations in Analog Synthesis 

Explorations in Analog Synthesis is a new seven-song EP created to demonstrate the powerful analog sound and infinite sonic possibilities of both Moog Sound Studio synthesizer combinations. 

This genre-bending compilation of original electronic music compositions features a chiptune-inspired head trip from Bonobo, an R&B-influenced synth pop track from Peter Cottontale featuring Jamila Woods, an ethereal vocal collage from Julianna Barwick, an evolving psychedelic excursion from Dan Deacon, a driving percussive electronica track from Madame Gandhi, an emotive dark wave song from Martial Canterel, and an industrial-tinged electronic pop track from Ela Minus. Each track was built around the instruments and accessories included in each artist’s Moog Sound Studio of choice: Mother-32 & DFAM or Subharmonicon & DFAM.

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The Moog Experience 4

Explorations in Analog Synthesis is available to stream for free on Moog’s SoundCloud.

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