Cinematique Instruments Releases Vertigo Cello

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 13 April 2021
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Vertigo Cello by Cinematique Instruments

Cinematique Instruments continued with Vertigo Cello the Vertigo family. Vertigo Cello is a melange of 15 finely and thoroughly picked articulations of the cello. All of these playing techniques can be freely mixed and individually tuned, enabling your vision of cello sound in an intuitive and simple way. The overall sound of Vertigo Cello is characterized by a deep and vibrant string mood with an organic character.

vertigo cello portamento
Cinematique Instruments Releases Vertigo Cello 3

Vertigo Cello has many different and interesting sound sources. Besides the well-known Sustained Notes available as Solo and Cello Trio in three velocity layer, Cinematique Instruments have paid special attention to select special as well as unique playing techniques. Here is to mention Cinematique Instruments’ special articulation called ‘Fragile’, which plays the cello absolutely quiet – at the edge of atonal bow scratching. This creates an impressive liveliness, which gives the cello a special touch, especially when mixed with other articulations. Cinematique Instruments also played the cello with circular movement (‘Circular’), also recorded harmonics, sul ponto and evolving articulations in two different variations.

Vertigo Cello is rounded off by 2 resynthesized sound sources – here Cinematique Instruments put the cello through some modules like tap delay, granular effects and special resynthesizer and created interesting textures. All these sources come together to form the beautiful, rich and organic sound that is Vertigo String Ensemble.

In summary, the main principle of Vertigo Cello is the use of 15 different cello articulations that can be individually mixed, pitched, and paned. In the master section, you find very interesting tools, such as taped and spin speakers, with which you can create absolutely unique Cinematique Instruments intense and concise string sounds.

Vertigo Cello is packed with an electrifying range of many different appealing articulations of a solo cello as well as playing techniques of a trio. Vertigo Cello convinces with the ability – just like the other Vertigo instruments – to create organic and unique string moods as well as special organic soundscapes in an instant – all within the tonal spectrum of a cello. In addition, of course, you can also play legato sounds full of character.

Cinematique Instruments Releases Vertigo Cello vertigo cello
Cinematique Instruments Releases Vertigo Cello 4

Vertigo Cello provides 15 different sound sources

Sustained Cello, Fragile, Sul Pont (all played with one solo Cello as well as Cello trio), Circular, Harmonic, Evoloving Random Bowed in two variations 1+2, Soft- and Hard Tremolo (all played with one solo Cello), Cloud Cello (Cello ran through several modular tools), Resynthesized, Bowed (three cello bwoing) and Leap (random spiccato)

Pricing and Availability

Vertigo Cello is available now.

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