Soundiron Releases Vintage Keys Series: Jewel Empire II

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 13 April 2021
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Vintage Keys Series: Jewel Empire II

Jewel Empire II captures the versatility and specific character of the GEM Imperial II electronic organ. The GEM series of instruments were manufactured by GeneralMusic in Italy sometime during the late 80s and early 90s. This large electronic organ comes with two key beds and a large variety of voice tabs, a dedicated Bass voice section, and draw bars to control a lot of voice functions.

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Jewel Empire II was recorded in a dry studio using a pair of Neumann TLM 103 large-diaphragm microphones and a direct line in. Soundiron recorded its stock presets with sustains and staccato samples, as well as its bass presets. The included octave, vibrato and FX rack give you an easy-to-use interface to completely customize and shape its fat analog sound to fit a variety of creative styles.

The library comes equipped with flexible control features, like Swell, pitch Glide, Attack, Release, Vibrato, and Octave. There’s also a complete DSP effects rack, including convolution reverb with dozens of unique spaces, such as cathedrals, churches, halls, bunkers, garages, tunnels, chambers, rooms and plenty of otherworldly FX impulses to fully explore and endless variety of strange and unexpected sonic manipulations.

  • Advanced performance controls, vibrato, glide speed, LFO, Filter, Arp and full FX rack.
  • Sustains, staccatos, FX pads, and sound-designed samples.
  • Turn the Glide slider up for monophonic legato functionality, or turn it down to 0 for standard polyphonic mode.
  • The Octave knob gradually adds a lower and higher octave doubling effect for more body and power.
  • Convolution Reverb with 119 different cathedrals, churches, chambers, rooms, halls and special effect impulses.
  • A full multi-effects rack, with EQ, filter, phaser, flanger, delay, distortion, amp & speaker simulation and more.

This library features a large selection of sustains and staccatos – both normal and bass – to capture the varied character of this Italian instrument.

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Soundiron Releases Vintage Keys Series: Jewel Empire II 4

Soundiron recorded the instrument articulations in wide stereo and a direct line in. After that, Soundiron crafted twenty evolving atmospheric pads from the source content to enhance the versatility. The Jewel Empire II has a signature characteristic that makes it a perfect addition to any composer’s synthesizer palette.

It’s built for the full retail version of Kontakt 5.5 or later.

Pricing and Availability

You can purchase Jewel Empire II on sale now for only $19 (MSRP $29) Hurry, Sale Ends April 27th!

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