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Felt Instruments’ new Ciemno – the Felt Instruments Pianet. Ciemno brings a dreamy re-interpretation of the 1970s Hohner Pianet to your studio. Ciemno [ćẽmno] is the 1970s Pianet transformed. It doesn’t sound like a piano. It doesn’t sound like Rhodes. It doesn’t sound like anything else. And that‘s the beauty of it.

This instrument is a result of Felt Instruments’ ongoing search for alternatives to well-established studio staples, like the piano or Rhodes. The Pianet, introduced in the 1970s is a cross between the two instruments. It doesn’t sound like either – which is what makes it so interesting. Ciemno, however, takes it to a whole other

Ciemno is an instant mood setter. It captures a soul of the 70s Hohner Pianet but with a twist. I sampled it humanly through a beautiful chain of three vintage limiters, three preamps, two rare EQs and a filter famously used by Karlheinz Stockhausen in an attempt to create an instrument that sounds like nothing else.

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From dreamy soft tones to slightly driven louder dynamics, Ciemno is all about texture. Think Radiohead on a trip to Neverland. Or don’t think at all. Make something great with it. You can use Ciemno instead of a ‘real’ piano not only because it sounds less obvious, but because it sounds so beautiful.

Ciemno was performed, recorded, edited, mangled, programmed, and designed by Tomek Ślesicki in March 2021.

Pricing and Availability

Ciemno is available now.

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