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As per popular demand on Instagram … here is my very first jam with the DRONE38 and DRONX modules from tangible waves.

This is a very first play with the new AE Modular DRONE38 and DRONX modules from tangible waves. I just got them yesterday and already I’m in love! With two DRONE38 modules you have to tame 36 oscillators and that can be tricky as they all influence each other in the mix. But the fader controls are beautiful to play with and it all feels like a complete instrument in itself. Obviously the mix is going through the MultiFX module for that sweet reverberation, but the DRONX has a very interesting Delay FX built in that is worthwhile exploring!

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tangible waves produce the AE Modular synthesizer system which offers a true modular electronic instrument at an affordable expense. Join the wonderful and accommodating community on AE Modular Forum to discover more about AE Modular.

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