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Warming up for the ModularWorld Marathon

I don’t have any experience playing a live set, so I had to practice a lot for ModularWorld marathon coming up on 8/9 May. Making videos is a lot easier because you can just cut the things you don’t like. I started with two cool sets, but they did not make it to the show so I glued them together and put them in one vid. They’re both pretty cool as a production, but as full live sets, they were too static and contained too many mistakes.

I have three interesting projects running here.

Campfire Stories is a concept album about a dystopian future where cities went dark and survivors play classical music (our modern stuff) with improvised instruments around the campfires. Campfire stories are almost finished for mastering but need some copyrights cleared because of the covers. One song features David Bowie. If you know how to make the legal stuff work, contact me (please!). Illegal is a concept album of another future where music is deemed illegal by the government. But mother nature always finds a way.

Finally, there are my Trainrobbers on a Boat ‘Jazz’ album. I don’t like jazz but I had insane fun creating this. It started as a parody but it’s a really cool fusion between the old, new, borrowed and blue.

The Divine Comedy Project

The Divine Comedy is a 27 track mega project covering the three albums Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise, where you can experience Dante’s journey as a musical adventure that’s dark, evil, healing and beautiful as the journey continues. It covers many modern music styles. I’ve been working on this since 2015 and it’s far from finished yet. It probably never will…

You can find my Mainstream music here

Cinematic Laboratory on BandCamp

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