Sonixinema Launches CLARILOOPS Nostalgic Clarinet Textures

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 19 April 2021
  • Time to read: 2 min.

CLARILOOPS Nostalgic Clarinet Textures

The Community is a new initiative designed to give sound makers across the globe a platform to sell their samples. The idea is simple – each month we will be releasing one library created by a member of our community. For every library sold, the creator will receive a percentage of the sale, to help to support them on their musical journey.

CLARILOOPS Nostalgic Clarinet Textures
Sonixinema Launches CLARILOOPS Nostalgic Clarinet Textures 2

CLARILOOPS is the next episode in our new range of instruments for Kontakt, The Community. Featuring a set of nostalgic clarinet textures, loops, and one-shots created by artist Ruby Lulham, better known as Clariloops. Featuring a fascinating array of clarinet samples derived from Ruby’s sonic explorations with the clarinet and guitar pedals, split up into 5 distinct categories including Textures, Melodies, Movements, Shapes, and Tones, this library takes the clarinet to a whole new world.

With a wonderfully raw sound right out of the box, this library is guaranteed to add some nostalgia and warmth to your music – whether it be film scores or music productions. Our custom user interface was carefully designed to be both intuitive and inspiring, allowing you to warp and shape your sound with filters, reverbs, distortion, and much more.

CLARILOOPS was created in collaboration with artist, Ruby Lulham. Under the pseudonym Clariloops, Ruby creates evocative and nostalgic instrumental music with the use of clarinets and guitar pedals. Over time she has honed a sound that is very uniquely her own – a sound that comes across beautifully in this new library from our Community series. Working together with Ruby, we decided to record 5 distinct categories of sounds, including Textures, Melodies, Movements, Shapes, and Tones with a total of 100 unique performances, one-shots, and loops. This provides a wonderfully diverse sandbox of sounds to play with which is guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing and give your music a unique twist. As with our other libraries, we wanted to strike a fine balance between simple yet versatile. These sounds sound great out of the box, but by tweaking a few of the inbuilt features on our interface, you can enter a whole new world of sound.


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