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Focusrite Group Acquires Legendary Synth Brand by Iconic Dave Smith




Focusrite Group Acquires Legendary Synth Brand

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Sequential merges into Focusrite

With great excitement, Dave Smith announces that Sequential is joining the Focusrite Group of music and audio brands. Sequential is part of a family made up of some of the best and brightest companies in the music instruments and pro audio industries: Focusrite, Focusrite Pro, Martin Audio, Optimal Audio, ADAM Audio, Novation, and Ampify Music.

Sequential’s synths have made a huge impact in music for decades, and continue to inspire music makers all over the world. Instruments such as the classic Prophet® 5 — the world’s first fully programmable polysynth, designed by Dave Smith and launched in 1977 — and the futuristic Pro 3® hybrid monosynth, which combines analog and digital in a powerful paraphonic instrument, show Sequential’s dedication to the craft of synthesizer design.

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Focusrite Group Acquires Legendary Synth Brand by Iconic Dave Smith 3

Sequential will operate as a separate entity to the other brands in Focusrite Group and will continue business as usual. Operationally, Sequential will retain its existing company structure, with Dave Smith leading engineering, product development, and mentorship of Sequential’s new breed of designers.

Commenting on the news, Focusrite’s Executive Chairman Phil Dudderidge said, “We’re excited and pleased to add Sequential’s instruments and pedigree to Focusrite Group’s portfolio of world-class audio and music production tools. Dave Smith’s history as an innovator speaks for itself. From his creation of the world’s first fully programmable polysynth (the Prophet 5) to his co-invention of MIDI, Dave Smith has literally changed the world of music several times. We’re looking forward to continuing his history of innovation and expanding the global market for Sequential’s instruments.

Sequential’s Dave Smith commented, “With Focusrite, we’ve found an ideal home and a perfect cultural and technological fit. Phil Dudderidge and his team have a long history of quality, vision, and focus on what musicians and audio professionals really want. We’re excited to join such an industry powerhouse and contribute to our mutual success. I expect great things.

Dave Smith continues to lead the engineering and product development and work with the Sequential design team into the future. Dave has more time to develop amazing synths!

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